Thursday, September 8, 2011

With Bobcat will come the features

So far, we have resolved only about a quarter of all tickets planned for HelenOS 0.5.0, but judging only by that one quarter, the next release will be full of new and exciting features. This is mainly due to a quite favorable confluence of circumstances such as our participation in this years Google Summer of Code program or successful completion of several HelenOS projects at universities. We have not been sitting with our arms folded either.

Just a brief enumeration of my favorite features (a little bit more complete list can be found in the release notes that are currently in the making):

  • USB stack and drivers
  • new file systems (read-only Ext2, exFAT, ISO 9660, MINIX FS, LFN for FAT)
  • C toolchain (GNU assembler and linker + Portable C Compiler)
  • support for device removal

And having roughly three quarters of work - features and bug fixes combined - still ahead of us, gives us hope to see even more heavy-duty goodies:

  • RBAC based security scheme
  • support for NUMA
  • NIC framework and other networking improvements

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Tim said...

I have got to find more free time. I am missing out on far too much fun.