Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No more Solaris fixes or Hasta la vista, Oracle!

I am not planning to make any more integrations to the Solaris source code repository in the near future, so I am glad that before my last day at work I managed to root cause and fix a couple of nasty race conditions in Solaris SPARC VM code. Too bad I may not share more details on this blog, but perhaps I can use some analogy. If we view the TSBs (Translation Storage Buffers) as apples, the Solaris kernel as the railways and linked lists as trains, my last integration can be described as fixing a problem in which the railways suddenly attached an empty wagon to a moving train without first stopping it and letting the locoman know, or in which the locoman was expecting a wagon full of apples to be attached, but the railways attached an empty one instead. Sure, it would be more nourishing to describe the above issues in the native terms, but it appears that for that we will need to wait some time.

Today was my last day in the office, even though technically, I will be an Oracle employee until Friday's midnight. Companies change and so do people. I am thus closing one chapter of my professional career. Stay tuned for an update regarding my new position.

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Jakub Jermar said...

By the way, when somebody starts blathering about infinite red potential, run like hell. It basically means you are most likely about to be flayed.